Sunday, 19 July 2015

Where to start?

Each of my friends knows me from different side some of them knows more some of them less. There is only one person who actually knows nearly everything and I do trust this person so much. Yes, I do have secrets and dark sides in my life but I try not to show my problems to those I care about and others. People know me by always talking girl with a smile on her mouth. Sometimes I just need to pretend everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about. But from beginning there was only one person that could see that there was something, always worried about me and talked with me when I did need a person to talk to. I´m really thankful to this person for all those times when I really was down. 

Now, everything did change in my life. I have an amazing boyfriend and honestly I don´t need to act. He can already see when there is something and I dont even need to tell him. 

There is so much we dont want to share with this huge world, but there is still fake ´friends´which will share your secrets with world. Is it worth it? 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Have you ever thought what can happened in your life that can scare you to death? This week was one of the craziest weeks but no matter what he was always there for me!
Things do surprise you but one of things were that he was there for me, even when I did say I would leave him he said ´´I will be there for you´´ It shows me a lot that he cares about me, supports me and not least love me.

Being sick and using someones life isn't right, but even if I would be really sick I know he would be there for me. There is so much what is already waiting for us in life, but there are some challenges which we have to go through. Being with him makes me happy a lot, its already 4 months and every singel day I did spend with him was different. Every memory we make will stay in my heart forever.

We have decided that we will spend our autumn break together in Poland. Firstly I was a bit surprise that he wanted actually travel to Poland. I´m really looking forward to this trip, whole week we will live alone! Waking in the morning beside him for whole week will be just amazing!

I count days down till I´m back in Norway and finally spend days with him again! We do FaceTime everyday but thats not the same, its only 6 days when I come back till school starts. I want to spend those 6 days with my amazing boyfriend, no matter if we will just lay down and have lazy days.

It´s time to start IB and have boyfriend at the same time, its a big challenge BUT I need to make it! He is the world to me and I won't loose him!

- MK