Monday, 28 September 2015


I stayed up late last night just to see this! Amazing dont you agree?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Many of you probably dont know that I´m currently an IB student. It´s my second year,  as I dreamed always about getting into IB class I did set some of the goals. But unfortunately I´m not able to follow them, there is one reason , a good reason to be honest and that is my love life. Being at IB means work hard less free time, but I just cant stay waiting whole week to see him. Every free time or off lesson I try to spend with Andreas. Maybe its crazy, but I´m crazy in love in him and he is my priority. I know, you probably think the school should be my priority but to be honest once you get in love with a guy/girl you dreamed of you will always take them as first no matter what.

I was considering to change my line, well we have lines such as : media and communication, sport, ib, normal study, and some more I cant remember. But then I reminded myself about my dreams. I dont say Andreas is keeping me from my dreams, I´m just saying I´m so confused. The big question is how should I be a exemplary IB student and have my love life?

I have to be honest the hardest 2 subjects I could choose in High Level but this is how it is. I have history and psychology. Psychology its a new subject in our school and the teacher well... what can I say I do more work at home than he does in his lessons. And then its history the subject I just love but now I dont pay attention... I miss so freaking much Miss Aurelia back in my middle year program which was also IB. She made the subject so interesting and excited every time we had a new period in history. Well I think I just need to kick myself in the ass and work with those subjects...

If any of you out there have the same problem please tell me whats the answer.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

6 months ♥♥♥♥♥

6 months with my amazing boyfriend today! Those months were the best months in my life and I just can´t wait for more with him! He makes my life happier and easier<3