Monday, 26 October 2015

Old but gold

While I was fighting with my homework, literally fighting hahahah! I just couldn't make a answer so I was trying to figure out something. I had this one world on my mind but I couldn't know the translation of it so I grabbed my huge dictionary and guess what I found! Few of my photos when I was little and they made me smile a lot. 

Just look at them 

I have to say I was quite cute on this picture :) 

On the back of the picture it says ´one day this angel will fly
 and live her own dreams´

Oh okey, you have me I did smoke and was a badass... 

Acting was always my favorite thing to do.

About acting, I do remember when I was about 8 years old and I did acted really hard just to get some chocolate and I used my friend Gosia to get that chocolate. I lied that she did hit me and that I had so much pain, I also said that chocolate was the magic tablet that will scare the pain away. Hahah, what wouldn't I do just to get chocolate....

Sunday, 25 October 2015

And the weekend is over again…

I just can't believe it's Monday tomorrow already! This weekend went very fast I guess ... I didn't do nothing special just looked up on my Halloween ideas and tried to do homework but I failed… I have been asked pretty good damn question " why did I choose IB ?" Well I would answer because of my dreamings and that it felt right. But was this actually the reason? Well no, I got a lot of pressure from my parents they wanted me to do IB since they used a lot on money at international school I was going to.

But if I do look at myself I do see that that's not what I wanted. I have decided after doing IB ( hopefully not failing ) I will just look at myself and my decisions. 

I hope you had a nice weekend:) 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Short or long?

So last night I did spend a lot of time looking up for dresses, since we will have a prom! But I just can´t decide if the dress should be long or short one. I looked up on Nelly and I did like some of them but there is a polish side and I just love dresses from there! They are more unique and I think that´s a good thing, nelly is a popular side so everyone can have a dress from there.

Anyways here is what I found on this polish side :

Friday, 23 October 2015

Way better than I thought

Maybe I'm still not motivated for my IB assignments or notes but that's how it is … Right now I just don't have an opportunity to write my notes due to a broken arm. This week to be honest I didn't do a thing, but I have to do my assignments or I will fail them... So I just have to do things I don't want to do... Today it's Friday and I had a good start of weekend not because I was at party but I got a visitor! Guess who?! Yes, Andreas and he just made my day way better! 

Tomorrow it's a new day and I might do some CAS and show you what I do for my creativity :) This time of the year it is already Autumn and it's just beautiful around my house! Take a look! 

Still not motivated but we will see, have a nice weekend! 

Monday, 19 October 2015

A jump from my normal life

So here I´m writing this post with one hand, left hand... Well I can´t use the other one because its broken, just dont ask how.

I have decided that I need to fokus on my life with one hand, trust me its so hard and it takes long time before I´m done with my hw.

You will hear from me sooner or later , I promise :)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Getting better

Today was way better day! I did talk with people, but when they did ask me about party I lied and nearly cried.. I´m not so good at lying and mostly I´m a open person.

Anyways, the tests went really bad ! This week sucks with school...

I have to do so many things so many I will write more later.

See you

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

They talk but are they my friends?

There is so many questions in my head right now. Physically I´m talking to them but can I trust them? Are they my friends? Whenever a person have a chocolate or something sweet they will talk to you , but what is I had nothing?

I have enough now, let´s just end this game right now.

Sometimes you just have to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of YOU.

Monday, 12 October 2015


My own thoughts, please dont judge me.... 

Being a human never been easy but after this summer I dont feel human anymore... Maybe I do smile a lot but how do you know if those smiles aren't fake? Some people say that other humans cant break you but believe me they can. 

Being yourself and honest those days won't help you in life, you know why? Because people will make rumors about you or whatever you said will be opposite. Everyday I wake up knowing that my day will be just the same, I will come to a noisy classroom sit alone somewhere beside the wall and just listen. Nobody will talk to me or just ask me to sit beside me. My best friend which I had so good relationship before she won't even look at me, why? Because all the rumors people made, and she won't even listen to me... She thinks and others probably that I´m bitchi and lies about everything, but you know why? I just say my own opinion and I dont lie nor I´m bitchi. If I was bitchi would I have my boyfriend? He would tell me if I was bitchi because he is honest with me. So now I´m alone, yes I do have Andreas but can I say to him about everything? Will he listen to a girly talk, well he will but he won't understand it. I have learnt something in those few months you have to hold everything to yourself no matter how painful it is. I get feeling sometimes that I just want to run away and cry... but I can´t there is at least one person beside my family off course who cares about me. Still two years more to go, but I dont know if I will manage like this. 

Having no friends in school sucks, believe me it does! Most of the time I sit alone in library or somewhere where I can be alone. I know many people who I can say hi, but I dont feel they want to talk to me. I have many friends on Facebook but are those real friends? If something happens to me will they come and help me? Will they even care if I was gone?