Monday, 26 October 2015

Old but gold

While I was fighting with my homework, literally fighting hahahah! I just couldn't make a answer so I was trying to figure out something. I had this one world on my mind but I couldn't know the translation of it so I grabbed my huge dictionary and guess what I found! Few of my photos when I was little and they made me smile a lot. 

Just look at them 

I have to say I was quite cute on this picture :) 

On the back of the picture it says ´one day this angel will fly
 and live her own dreams´

Oh okey, you have me I did smoke and was a badass... 

Acting was always my favorite thing to do.

About acting, I do remember when I was about 8 years old and I did acted really hard just to get some chocolate and I used my friend Gosia to get that chocolate. I lied that she did hit me and that I had so much pain, I also said that chocolate was the magic tablet that will scare the pain away. Hahah, what wouldn't I do just to get chocolate....

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