Sunday, 24 April 2016

A cute message to a special person!

After over one year with this amazing guy I have gather so many memories but also strong feelings. I remember first time seeing you at our school, yes I was very shy but I was kinda dying to be yours. Finally after so many years waiting one day in 2015 we met and we became a couple, why was that? Well because we were meant for each other's and I was so grateful! Our first date was well anyone want to guess? Kebab grillen, maybe not the most romantic one but I was with you and that just mattered to me. Next dates were more romantic wok, sushi , pizza , cinema you have learnt your lesson every time and became more romantic! A big surprise for me was my birthday, a heart on the grass , gifts and celebrating whole weekend! It was so perfect and I wouldn't change anything about that weekend. I will always carry all our memories in my heart, one of them was cabin trip another food making with you or just simple days we love to be just ourselves! I love that I don't need to act or be someone else you love me for who I am and I love you for who you are and I don't want you to change! Having you in my life learnt me a lot, got me stronger and open my mind. Without you I would be broken by now, without your support I would be crazy and given up on everything. Without your love I wouldn't be so lucky and happy as I'm today. 
For all those memories we have made together , for all those goals we have achieved, for all those fails we made together I want to thank you! I want to thank you for everything you have ever done to me, for being here for me but also for being my hero❤️ I want you to know that you are the most important person in the whole world for me, you are the guy, yes the prince on white horse who I will marry in the future! Hell yeah I will, you know why ? Because I will never, ever find someone like you❤️ and I dont want anyone else, I just want you. Your smile , your body , your bad jokes , hear your laugh and make you angry at me . I want everything about you forever in my life. I cant wait for the day we will move out and start our lifes together , make a family , buy a house , and have a pet❤️ I cant wait for a day I will wake up and go to sleep with you every single day ❤️ I know this day will come but I wish it would come sooner❤️ I have a smile on my face right now , because of you ❤️ Because of every memory we have I´m thinking right now and all my feelings are spreading out❤️ I know you are bored reading it, so I will stop ❤️ I wish I had your chest to put my head on instead of this pillow. Just thinking of you before I close my eyes and dream of you❤️Dear Andreas thank you for those simple and special days with you but most important thank you for being here!❤️ I love you 💕

Monday, 15 February 2016

OMG! you should check this out!

 There is the new producer in the town, who is this? 

Well, you should check it out! ( Also you can find his song on Spotify! ) 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sneak peak

Last night it was school prom and I had so much fun! I finally got slow dance with my love and it felt amazing, unsure how to describe that feeling but it's like the world doesn't exist it's just you and the guy you love dancing❤️ I had my hair and makeup fixed but a professionalist - that couldn't be better! I want to show you guys a sneak peak from prom, more photos will come later when I will get the ones from photographer. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Unsure about my life…

It's been a while since last time I did post something here and that's because I'm not sure what I want…

I have no idea what decisions should I take and not... It's like a wheel... Round and round , so I have been thinking a lot and that's why I'm absent from here. 

Ib sucks! Do not take that! I promise you it's not as it seems to be.. I lost my motivation, my time for homework or notes... Just can't do this. 

I want to jump and do something toatally different and that's why I'm starting to work out!